Collection: The Follies of Love


For my first collection of 2019, I wanted to do something loosely Valentine’s themed - but not too on the nose because that’s not my style. On Instagram, a lot of customers often ask me where I find my inspiration (Short answer: everywhere!). I thought I’d include some inspiration photos in this post to give you an idea of what’s been swirling around my whimsical little brain.

Betty Grable & Hedy Lamarr

Betty Grable & Hedy Lamarr

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe


I’m forever inspired by the costumes and opulence of classic movies. Ziegfeld Girl is one of my favorite films (aesthetic heaven!). I also have a lovely book full of pin up art that I flipped through for pose inspiration.

the stickers in this collection:

I illustrated a little angelic Ziegfeld-inspired pin up character for this collection. One of my favorite things about drawing digitally is that it’s so easy to make color variations and change up the character’s look without having to start all over. I thought that making the sticker sheets heart shaped would we a fun way to mix it up. I love how they came together! I pulled most of the accent illustrations from previous collections, but redid some of the colors and line work.

I pulled some art from my various 2018 collections to create the “Love Spell 03” sticker sheet. Last February, I launched my Love Spell collection, but always lamented the fact that I didn’t illustrate any crystals as part of that collection. I redesigned my “Self Love Elixir” bottle from an older sticker sheet. I love how it looks as a holographic sticker. I made some of the details on the bottle “transparent” so that the holographic texture shows through. I have some leftover from last month so these will be in the shop for a bit, but they are limited edition so grab one while you can!

I didn’t originally plan on sitting the follies girl on a crescent moon, but I was excited to find that the pose totally worked! This entire sticker sheet was completely unplanned, but I wanted to mix in some witchy stickers from other collections to make a “Self Love” inspired sticker sheet.


January Whimsymail

January Whimsymail


last month, Whimsymail subscribers received two full sized sticker sheets, two heart shaped sticker sheets, two sample sized sheets, and a holographic sticker.


January Whimsybox

January Whimsybox

last month, my Whimsybox subscribers received two full sized sticker sheets, two half sized sticker sheets, all three of the heart shaped follies girl sticker sheets, the holographic Self Love Elixir sticker and a four inch “The Future Is Female” holographic sticker. I also included an ephemera paper pack with a mix of vintage goodies and die cuts of my illustrations. Whimsybox subscribers each received a “mystery pack” of two enamel pins from my seconds sale. (“Seconds” are pins with minor flaws. There are still some pins available at a discount in the shop.)


customer photos


This burlesque character didn’t make it into the subscriptions for this month, as I illustrated her a little later. I mixed some vintage graphics to round out the sticker sheet for an eclectic vibe. I’ve been obsessed with burlesque lately and definitely want to design some more burlesque characters!


I hope you enjoyed this look at The Follies of Love collection. the next collection theme is Cosmic Unicorns... Subscribe by February 15th so you don’t miss out!

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