That time I was in a Kesha music video


YOU GUYS. I WAS AN EXTRA IN A KESHA MUSIC VIDEO. I wasn't allowed to talk about this until the video came out, but it was just released so I can finally give you guys the scoop. 


"For the video, my brother Lagan Sebert and I threw the shoot together in about a week and shot it while I was on tour in Delaware. We found a bar appropriately named the Oddity Bar and called upon my Creepies to emerge from their lairs (and my touring crew from their hibernation chambers) and we pulled the shoot together last minute... It was one of those projects where I knew exactly what I wanted and it was just easier to do it ourselves than try to explain my vision to another director. Sometimes when things are so organic and visceral they just come together and this song and video are a product of that. I was going from dancing around and screaming to checking camera angles. I loved it." --Kesha via Rolling Stone


The video was filmed at my favorite local haunt, Oddity Bar, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kesha and her brother, Lagan, scouted Oddity as their location because they were looking for something in Delaware since she was performing at Firefly music festival the next day. The bar owners, who are good friends of mine, invited me to be involved because they needed a few extras on set. I wasn't allowed to tell a soul, which was so incredibly hard for me. This was back in June when there was barely a whisper of Kesha releasing music in the immediate future, and I really just wanted to the world to know that KESHA IS MAKING MUSIC AGAIN. 

It was fun to arrive to find "my bar" covered in gold tinsel curtains with a film crew occupying every spare corner. They were still setting up when I arrived and it was a few hours before Kesha arrived on set. Before she arrived, the crew took some B-Roll footage around the bar. They did a quick closeup of me that I'm so glad they used! (I've been really nervous that they wouldn't use any of the footage I was in. Obviously, it still would have been an amazing experience anyway - but I wanted to make it into the video, duh.) 

I had a blast watching Kesha do take after take, with her high-energy singing and dancing, surrounded by fog machine, bubbles, and glitter cannon effects. I knew all the words to her then-unreleased song by the end of the day after hearing it on loop. It's catchy as hell and has such girl-power vibes. I'm in love. I'm also pumped to finally be able to download "Woman" and hear it whenever I want. It's been stuck in my head for the past month. 

They also took some footage of Kesha interacting with the bar patrons (aka the extras). They used a cute clip of us all spinning in our bar stools toward her in unison. 

That's me on the far right!

I got to talk to her a few times. SHE WAS SO SWEET. The first time I spoke with her was when I was taking a group a photo with some of the other extras just outside the bar. She walked by to go over to her tour bus and jumped in the photo with us. (!!) She asked all of our names, then sweetly reminded us not to share any pics until the video was released. (Anything for you, Kesha.) <3


After they finished shooting the inside-the-bar part of the video, she yelled "Okay, that's a wrap. Now's a great time to come take selfies with me." (Aww.) I chatted with her for a moment and gave her an envelope filled with stickers from my shop and a little love note that I had packaged up for her because... I'm me and I do these things. She seemed genuinely touched. (Overall, she was so sweet and chill and down to earth it was unreal.) 


An hour or so later they filmed that opening scene of her driving around in an old car (which I was sure to get a photo of me sitting in later). After they finished filming and were packing up, Kesha spotted me as she was walking back to her tour bus. She gave me a hug and said-and-I-quote: "I was hoping I'd see you again." (OMG YOU GUYS!!) <3 

Portrait I did of Kesha &lt;3&nbsp;

Portrait I did of Kesha <3 

Photo in the car Kesha drove in the video.

Photo in the car Kesha drove in the video.

#pinupvibes with my friend Pete's Cadillac. (Pete is in the video too! He's the guy in the overalls.)&nbsp;

#pinupvibes with my friend Pete's Cadillac. (Pete is in the video too! He's the guy in the overalls.) 

This is definitely one of the coolest things to ever happen to me and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it!