Playing Dress Up: Halloween 2017


I haven't bought a Halloween costume in years. I find it much more fun to challenge myself to create a look based on what I already have in my closet. This year I dressed up as The Love Witch and a flapper. 

The Love Witch

The Thursday before Halloween, I really wanted to dress as The Love Witch. I knew almost no one would get the costume since it's not a well known film, but I didn't care because it was an awesome outfit on it's own. (And it wasn't a supposed-to-wear-a-costume event anyway. No one else dressed up...I'm just extra.)

If you haven't heard of The Love Witch, it's an independent film by Anna Biller. I'm embedding the trailer here, but it does spoil a ton of major plot points, so keep that in mind if you do plan on watching the film:

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All I had to buy for this look was blue eyeshadow & false lashes. I probably should have grabbed a peachy-red lip color, but I did okay blending two other shades I already had. I wore my hair extensions because I love any excuse to wear them. 

I attached a vintage cameo brooch to a black velvet choker. It seemed like something Elaine might wear. I love this eyeshadow and might start rocking this look all the time, to be honest. 



I didn't happen to have a rainbow lined coat. (I mean, does anyone?) But I did have a red lined peacoat which was close enough. 




I didn't have to buy a single thing for this flapper look. I own a lot of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces and the 20s has always been my favorite fashion era. I penciled in my brows very thin and extended the length with the pencil. I used lots of red-toned eyeshadow above and below my eyes, then blended the heck out of it. I applied lots of eyeliner and added a smokey lined effect with black shadow. I finished the look with a ton of blush and some dark lipstick just on the center of my lips. 

Makeup inspiration.

Makeup inspiration.



I bought this flapper headband from a vintage Etsy shop years ago. The rhinestone star hair clips are vintage as well. I just ordered them from Etsy a couple weeks ago and have been wearing them in my hair as I grow my bangs out. This purse is super duper old, I can just tell by looking at the hardware. I bought it on ebay years ago. It normally hangs on my wall, but there was no better time to wear it out. 


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xoxo, Kathy

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