✶ Whimsymail ✶


Whimsymail is a monthly subscription by Lace & Whimsy Studio

Each month, we’ll curate a sampling of the latest goodies from Lace & Whimsy + mail them to you in a stamped envelope. The product lineup and theme vary each month. You can always count on stickers being the main event. There is usually an art print or die cuts in the mix as well. Each month’s envelope is approximately a $15+ value. Shipping is included in the subscription price.


Whimsymail Subscription
9.00 every month

Whimsymail is also included in the $10+ reward tier on my Patreon. By becoming a patron, you’ll get instant access to behind the scenes content & and other perks.

For even more goodies per month, try our subscription box…