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I've launched my Patreon!

Since passion alone isn't quite paying the bills yet, I created a Patreon to offer my biggest fans a new way to connect with me and my work. 

If you are rooting for me to keep on creating, it would be so wonderful of you to pledge a $1 per month on Patreon. That's only $12 annually. That's like the cost of a movie ticket. Think about it. ;) Once you've pledged $1 or more per month, you'll have access to my "Patron Only Content."


So what kind of Patron-only content will I be posting on Patreon? ☾:゚

✧ Exclusive illustration content
✧ Behind the scenes of upcoming launches
✧ Process videos & time-lapse replays
✧ News & updates on my creative journey
✧ More vulnerable, personal updates than I tend to regularly share on public social media
✧ Musings and project ideas that I welcome my patrons' feedback on
✧ Exclusive discount codes to my shop
✧ Plus I'll be responding to your comments and questions on Patreon & welcoming your feedback on upcoming projects
☾:゚ Plus, if you pledge $10 or more, I'll mail you some stickers and goodies each month!


To all of you who have been following my work, have shared my content, or offered kind words of encouragement -- you are already supporting me and I cherish every one of you! I hope to be able to keep on creating and inspiring. Your support helps make that a reality for me while allowing me to connect more with my biggest cheerleaders. ☾:゚

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