Tarot Ritual Soy Candle

Tarot Ritual Soy Candle


Choose a candle fragrance and tarot card to build your own ritual candle.

(Tarot card selection window will pop up after you add the candle to your cart.)

Details: Hand-poured, small batch candles made with 100% natural vegan soy wax, dye free, and scented with cruelty free premium fragrance oils.

Each candle is topped with a whimsical sprinkling of tumbled amethyst chips, 100% certified organic dried lavender, and—of course—glitter. Perfect for incorporating into your tarot ritual, spell work, or simply filling your space with some calm vibes. ;)

Descriptions of current scent options can be found below.

Made with love in the USA by Kathy d. Clark

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Please note: Before lighting, trim the wick (if needed) to about 1/4" and if any lavender pieces have settled up against the wick, just gently push them away from the wick. As the candle burns, the toppings will mix in with the wax and look absolutely magical. As with any candle, be sure to burn it on a safe surface, away from anything flammable and do not leave unattended. Be sure to trim the wick each time before re-lighting.

FAQ: "What happens to the toppings when I light the candle?" Glad you asked! As the wax melts, the toppings will sink into the liquid wax and mix together. Should you choose to extinguish the candle and re-light later, the wax will solidify with the toppings mixed in. Amethyst is said to promote balance, stability, tranquility, and mental clarity. When the candle is fully burnt down and has cooled, you can rescue the amethyst chips and wipe the wax off of them with hot water if you would like to keep them. 

Current fragrance options: 

  • Saccharine Cinnamon / Cinnamon fragrance with subtle notes of strawberry, fairy floss, and rose. (This is our strongest scent.)

  • Citrus Mango / Mango, with lemon and lime.

  • Almond Daydream / Almond, marshmallow, and brown sugar.

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