Interview With Jacque, Founder of Adorned by Chi

Jacque of Adorned by Chi

Jacque of Adorned by Chi

I discovered the shop Adorned by Chi through Instagram and fell in love with the brand's aesthetic. The founder Jacque, being the total sweetheart that she is, agreed to let me interview her for a Lace & Whimsy blog post. Enjoy, and please do check out her site

Tell us about yourself and your brand!

My name is Jacque and I'm the owner and operator of Adorned by Chi! I started Adorned by Chi in October of 2015. I had just quit my job a few months before and I decided to pursue my passions! I've always loved e-commerce and I'm no stranger to selling things online, but this time around I wanted to be myself- super girly, super nerdy, and super awkward- ha! The name "Chi" means God in Igbo (I'm Nigerian) and it's also an abbreviation of my middle name. At the time I had some self worth issues, and the only thing that helped me was my faith, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into the name. It's like a reminder that I'm made beautiful by God.

What it your favorite part of being a small business owner? 

JACQUE: My favorite part of owning a small business is being able to actually talk to my customers. Sometimes with big businesses you don't get that authentic connection, so I'm super grateful. I truly have the best customers, they're so sweet! I also like having control of my schedule and being able to work for myself is definitely a dream come true.

What is your favorite product you've carried in your shop? 

JACQUE: Right now I absolutely love the pins! The Chiamaka pin is a throwback to 90's anime which is my favorite aesthetic of all time.

What are your dreams and goals for Adorned by Chi long term?  

JACQUE: I'd love to be able to hire someone one day. I think I would cry, no, I would definitely cry if I could hire someone and help someone reach some of their own goals. I also want to get to the point where my pieces are stocked in stores. That would be major!

Any advice for women thinking about starting their own shop or business? 

JACQUE: Just do it! Don't let fear of failure or anything else stop you from taking a shot at your passions. 

Jacque, thank you so much for chatting with me about Adorned by Chi

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