Illustration Project: Kayleigh & Graeme

I finished this over a month ago and it's been killing me to not be able to show it off on social media... but it was a surprise gift so I had to keep it under wraps. (So... CONGRATS KAYLEIGH & GRAEME, I'm so happy for you guys, but I'm also really happy for ME because I'm now allowed to show off this illustration.)

If you've looked at my portfolio, you may remember the blog graphics I created for Kayleigh's blog: Blue Jeans, White Tee. Kayleigh was an absolute dream to work with, so when she approached me about a new illustration project she had in mind, I was absolutely thrilled. 

Kayleigh wanted to surprise Graeme with an illustration of them of their wedding day. The challenge with this project was that I didn't have reference photos form their wedding to use because it hadn't happened yet! Kayleigh sent me photos of her wearing her dress and photos from her hair and make-up trial. She described her bouquet, accessories, and what her fiancé Graeme would be wearing. She also sent me a bunch of reference photos of their faces. I pieced it all together and it was really quite fun! 

Kayleigh had the illustration printed and framed to surprise Graeme with as a wedding day gift. HOW CUTE IS THAT? I just love how this came together, and I'm delighted to report that Kayleigh is too!

Photo of Kayleigh & Grame by  Origin Studios Photography

Photo of Kayleigh & Grame by Origin Studios Photography

PS: If you want something like this made, I can totally do that for you. Just get in touch!