How To Stay Organized On The Go

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my planner and paper goodies. I published a blog post back in January showing my essentials, including my spiral Erin Condren planner. I still love my EC planner, but I've found it's a little too bulky to carry around with me. Also, it's not great for note taking or keeping other information handy. I decided a binder set-up would be the best for my needs. (Plus everyone I follow on Instagram has one and I wanted to join the party.) A spiral bound planner is just too limiting . I love being able to put whatever I want in my little binder and rearrange as I see fit. Most importantly, I now have pockets to keep my sticker sheets!

After a little shopping around (and major sticker shock), I decided to buy a Dokibook. I would have splurged on a Filofax or KikkiK if I had found one I loved, but none of the color options really did it for me. CarpeDiem planners are another moderately priced option, but they all have the same black and white polka dot interior, which is just not my style. The pastel shades that Dokibooks come in are way more me. Though tempted by the mint and blush colors available, I opted for white so that I can change up the color scheme by getting new dividers or accessories. The gold polka dots give it a little texture and character, while still chic and minimalist. 

How I set up my dividers:


I keep my To-do lists in the front for quick, easy access to write myself reminders. 


I'm finally at a place where I am juggling various freelance projects, which can get confusing. I keep all the relevant info for my current and upcoming clients in this sections, using one page per client. Those sheets go in order of the project deadline so I can quickly see what I should be working on and what's coming up. 


Anything that is going to "live" in my planner long term goes in this section. At the moment, I have a contact sheet with addresses for my pen-pals and some Instagram planner printables, but I'm sure this section will grow as I use my planner more. 


Remember the post where I showed you guys how I organize my ideas for creative projects? I printed out the free printables from that post in A5 size and have migrated my "binder of whimsy" into my A5 binder. Much better! 


I have monthly calendars in here. I still use my Erin Condren planner for weekly scheduling, but having monthly calendars with me on the go makes it so I can jot down appointments and events while I'm out and about. 


The final section of my planner has lots of filler paper and no rules! This section is basically a brain dump when I have something on my mind I need to get down on paper. These pages sometimes end up being transferred to the "Ideas" section if they are worthy. Otherwise, they hang out in the "Notes" section to be revisited or tossed. 

So far I am *loving* this set up.  It's lighter than carrying my Erin Condren planner in my purse, and more useful. I've started making myself some illustrated printable inserts. Maybe I'll list them in my Etsy shop... 

Do you use a planner? Comment below with what type of set-up works for you!