Ramblings on my creative growth & stuff.

I've barely created any blog content as I've been so busy with other projects. I feel I have definitely made the shift from "blogger who illustrates" to "illustrator who blogs." I launched my sticker store in January and have been overwhelmed by how many of you have placed orders. I'm already working on refining my sheet designs, phasing out any illustrations that I don't *love* and sprucing up some that just need a little tweaking. Sometimes what looks great to me on my monitor doesn't always translate well to print and I want each and every one of my sticker designs to be the best they can be! (I've marked down the prices on some of my sheets that I'm phasing out. You'll see the 2.0 versions popping up in the shop shortly. Like this weekend? Maybe?) I've found that every single sticker sheet I create I think to myself "this is the best one I've made yet!." It's really cool to see my skill level progress just by letting myself experiment a bit. 

I'm getting much more comfortable with my artistic process. For most of my life I had the mentality that "I can't draw." Newsflash: I can. Am I the best? Ha! No way. I just make doodles and turn them into stickers. This is nothing revolutionary, but it has been so creatively fulfilling for me. I definitely used to let my perfectionism stand in the way of me tapping into my creative side. For most of my life. Somehow in the past few months, I've really let go of all that. Imperfections give my illustrations character. You don't have to be the best at something for it to be worthwhile.

The coolest part of this creative journey? People want to pay me for this stuff! I've done so many headers for blog pals lately. The stickers are selling pretty well too. I've been able to build up a little side income from doing what I enjoy. How cool is that? So whether you've ordered stickers from me, commissioned an illustration, or even just retweeted a link to my shop, I just want to say THANK YOU. I am so grateful for every bit of support I've felt from my circles, on and offline. You guys rule. 

Headers I've done recently...

 for  bluejeanswhiteteeblog.com , more graphics for Kayleigh's blog coming soon!! 

for bluejeanswhiteteeblog.com, more graphics for Kayleigh's blog coming soon!! 

Embracing my creativity and finding my little online niche has made me indescribably happy. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings. Thanks for reading this rambling little lunch break post! xo

PS: One of my favorite bloggers, Emma of eggplantemoji.com, wrote the nicest post about my design services. Read it here.