3 Illustrators To Follow on Instagram

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I have discovered so many talented artists with beautiful Instagram feeds and thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you! 


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I discovered Sibylline Meynet through one of my favorite bloggers, Kailey of mermaidens. Sibylline illustrated Kailey's beautiful blog header and has done quite a few illustrations of her (and I totally get why... with Kailey's bubblegum hair and sassy style, she's the perfect muse). I immediately fell in love with Sibylline's soft comic style to her illustrations. I find myself scrolling through her Instagram repeatedly. Her subject matter ranges from Audrey Hepburn to characters from Orange is the New Black 

Find @sibylline_m here: Instagram | Twitter | Website


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If you enjoy Sibylline's illustrations, then you'll love Maëlle Rajoelisolo / @cirquedepapier. Her fashion illustrations are always very crisp and colorful. She's illustrated Rebecca of the blog The Clothes Horse, Taylor Swift's outfits from the Blank Space music video, and a series of Marie Antoinette illustrations. 

Find @cirquedepapier here: Instagram | Website 


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Katie Rodgers / @paperfashion is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Her whimsical watercolors always have a dreamy quality to them and often have touches of glitter and other mixed media elements. She's worked with tons of big name brands, including Disney. I love her illustrations for the 2015 Cinderella movie {x, x}. 

Find @paperfashion here: Instagram | Twitter | Website

Who are your favorite artists to follow on Instagram?