Rocksbox: The Premium Jewelry Subscription Box

Jewelry lover? You’re going to want to hear about Rocksbox. Plus read on for a promo code to try your first month free! 

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes. Between Birchbox for make-up + beauty products, Olive Box for stationery + paper goods, BarkBox for the puppies, and now Rocksbox for jewelry, I have a whole lifestyle curated for me and I’m all about it. 

I hadn’t heard of Rocksbox before they got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in a 90 day free trial of their service in exchange for spreading the word on my blog + social media. (Um, yes please.) They are a subscription box, but with a twist… you’re sent three high end pieces of designer jewelry on loan while you decide if you want to either 1. purchase any of the pieces at a discounted rate or 2. mail them back and try another set. 

Here's How it Works


Once you create an account, you take a style survey so that Rocksbox knows your preferences. For example, I hate wearing bracelets. They don’t fit me well and I find them uncomfortable. There are so many cute bracelets in this world and it breaks my heart to pass up an entire category of accessory. But I know myself. If I wear a bracelet out, it ends up in my purse within an hour.

That’s why the style survey makes the service so ideal. I indicated on the survey that I don’t wear bracelets so they don’t bother sending me any. You’re also asked things like your ring size and if you wear silver, gold, or both. All of your jewelry is hand-picked by your personal stylist based on your style survey results. 

Creating a wish list was my favorite part of the sign up process. You know how online shopping can be fun even if you aren’t buying anything? To create a wish list, you just scroll through all the jewelry and star items you’d like to be sent! Fun, right? You can also browse by category. The stylists will do their best to send you one of the pieces you wished for, or at least let their choices be inspired by your favorites. 

By now I’m sure you're wondering how much this service costs. It’s $19/month for the membership. It’s a little different than the typical subscription box model of monthly fee = cost of one box. Hang tight, I’ll explain everything.


Once you sign up, your first Rocksbox will arrive in about a week. Inside you’ll find 3 pieces of designer jewelry, adorably + safely packaged. There will also be a little insert telling you about the jewelry in your box and care instructions. 

Now remember, these items are on loan. It’s important to remember this because: 1. There may be a piece in there you aren’t in love with. That’s okay! It’s just on loan. We’re playing dress up. 2. You may have the opposite problem where you are smitten with all of the jewelry in that box. The info sheet in each box lists the “Shine Insider” price for each piece of jewelry in case you can’t live without one (or all) of them. Bonus: As part of your membership, you have $10/month in “Shine Spend” credit that can be applied to any pieces you may want to purchase that month. 


Whenever you’re ready, just pack up your jewelry! Put the jewelry back in the bubble wrap and drawstring bags. The shipping mailer that the set arrived in is resealable so you don’t have to worry about having packing supplies on hand. It comes with a prepaid mailing label and it fits in your mailbox. They couldn’t make it any easier!

Now what? Within a few hours of the mail being picked up, you’ll get an email from Rocksbox confirming the carrier received your package. While your jewelry is on its way home to Rocksbox, they start prepping your next shipment! So don’t forget to...


At any time, you can log into your Rocksbox account and rate the pieces you were sent. There’s also a little spot to leave feedback and notes for your stylist. This is also the same page where you’d purchase a piece should you decide you want to keep it.  

This gold Sophie Harper Pave Moon Pendant Necklace fit into my wardrobe so effortlessly, I had to have it! Um, hello... it's a crescent moon. 

This is what your account details page looks like when you log in. You get a quick snapshot of your box stats and can easily click around to add some items to your wish list or leave feedback on your current set. 

Trying to photograph this Kendra Scott druzy ring made me realize my photography shortcomings. I wish I could have properly captured the sparkle! 

In addition to the wish list, you can click to see your "Granted Wishes." So far I've had one wish list item per box. 

Try one month free with code LACEANDWHIMSYXOXO,
valid through October 1, 2015

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