Bring me Joy


Meet the newest member of my FunKo Pop collection... Joy from Inside Out

I've been crazy stressed these past couple weeks and decided to take a mental health day this past Friday. My mom mentioned she was planning on taking my youngest sister to see Inside Out and invited me to tag along. I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to spend my much-needed mental health day.  I did my typical Thursday night routine of going to see The Bullets with my Dad. Since I didn't have to go to work the next day for once, I had an extra drink for good measure. I spent the night at my parents' house afterward, then spent most of Friday with my mom and my sister Lizzie. Much more fun than work. I enjoyed every minute of Inside Out and it's truly one of those Pixar gems that is so layered that it's equally suitable for adults as well as kids. Go see it!

"She's confronted with learning — through the interplay of emotions — how to balance all of the pieces of herself the way she will need to do as she becomes an adult and steps out of the part of her childhood where happiness could reliably be her dominant emotion and other feelings could be treated as temporary, meaningless flashes to be quickly soothed by the right sunny thought or driven off by the right distraction. This is the actual poignancy of adolescence: the arrival of more emotional nuance and more sophisticated understanding is the arrival of more sophisticated pain as well as more meaningful joy. Things blend, things bend, the world gets weirder.

"Riley is, in one sense, fighting a battle we know she will lose: the battle for Joy to rule all things forever. But in another sense, her destination — the moment at which the story is aching to arrive — is balance, even if it's a kind of balanced chaos."

After the movie, we had lunch in the food court of the mall. Naturally, we found our way over Lush. I'm trying to cut back on spending, but Lush is the exception. My yummy lush baths are sacred. Also, pampering my scalp helps with my trichotillomania struggles. 

We also stopped by Michael's and I bought a mixed media notebook to start an art journal of sorts. Drawing, doodling, and collaging is a healthy outlet for me. It's also just a good exercise in being okay with imperfection. I'm making a rule for myself that I can't tear any pages out if I don't like how an illustration is turning out. I decorated the cover with scrapbooking supplies and emoji stickers. I showed Chris and he described it as "an explosion of kathyness." Sounds about right. 

I'm finally starting to feel better after a couple of really rough weeks. Such a relief. Take care of yourselves! Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and focus on the good things. And go see Inside Out. 

xo, Kathy