Box Up Some Love!

A couple weeks ago, I decided to box up some love and send it off to my dear cousin Laurel who lives in Colorado. She is such a great pen-pal and always sends me sweet little love notes or boxes of goodies. It can be tough to keep up with her! My sisters and I are always finding little surprises from her in our mailboxes. We try to be very thrifty with our little care packages to each other. For this one, I repurposed an empty Olive Box and filled it up with some fun treasures I already had. 

I started with the empty Olive Box and filled it with some things of mine I thought Laurel may enjoy. {This post contains affiliate links.} I received the book You Are So Loved in the "you are loved" themed Olive Box a couple months ago. When I first looked through it, I immediately thought of Laurel and how she would enjoy the art in the book and I just knew it would bring a smile to her face. I wrote her a little note and secured it to the inside of the cover with some washi tape. I gave her two of my pencils that were also from that Olive Box.

Image via | "you are loved" set

Image via | "you are loved" set

Laurel and I have similar taste in books and mail each other paperbacks we've finished. I really enjoyed What She Left Behind and decided to pass it along to her. {View my blog post about What She Left Behind here.} I also included a bubble bar from my Lush stash. I decorated the inside of the box with a little bunting banner made from emoji stickers and some of my other craft supplies. I scattered some confetti I made with craft punches and cardstock.


Putting together this sweet little gift for my cousin cost me nothing, except postage. I used only things I already had and put lots of personal touches. I bet you probably have some little treasures around that you could box up to send someone to brighten their day!