Greetings from Orlando, FL!

Chris and I are vacationing in Walt Disney World this week. I couldn't be happier! Work has been very stressful lately and some Florida sunshine will do me good. Our flight was supposed to arrive just before 9 pm on Friday night. It was delayed to the point where we didn't even take off until around the time we were originally scheduled to land. Sigh.

I did get to finish reading The Girl on the Train (while wishing I was The Girl on the PLANE). It was great. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, then it's pretty safe to say you'll like this one!

After checking in and trekking across the resort to our room, our room wouldn't open with our "Magic Bands." If you've ever stayed at Disney's Saratoga Springs resort, you'd understand why we did not want to just head back to the front desk. This place is huge. We were able to find a phone where we could connect with the front desk and get everything sorted. It was after 1:30 am when we finally got in our room. Not the smoothest start to our trip, but what are you gonna do? 

It was so nice to wake up and see the beautiful resort in the light of day! Chris and I went over to the main building to have some breakfast (Mickey Mouse waffles for Kathy!).   

We spent our afternoon at the pool then returned to the room to get ready for dinner. On our honeymoon, we had such a nice meal at Artist Point over at the Wilderness Lodge so we decided to eat there again this trip. 

What I wore: 

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  • My new Seychelles 'Electrify' pumps
  • A mint green skirt I scored from Ruche on Black Friday. I've only worn it once before... Click here to see how I styled it last time! 
  • Cotton tank top from Uniqlo (Uniqlo is a great source for high quality 
  • Flower necklace by Premier Designs
  • Olivia Burton 'Flowers Go By' Watch from ModCloth -- currently sold out. I have had my eye on this beauty for months and snagged it the moment it was back in stock. So glad I did because it's out of stock again
  • Cat-eye Sunglasses from amazon
  • Also debuting my new hair extensions! I've been really missing my long hair. I adored my pixie cut -- it's this in between phase of not even being able to fit my hair in a ponytail that's driving me nuts. Problem solved, thanks to

I love this picture. It makes me not regret wearing those shoes out last night!

We ended up doing a lot more walking than I had anticipated, resulting in a horrible blister on the bottom of my foot. Ew. Cute story: I went into the restroom to tend to my wounds. In the stall next to me, I could hear two little girls talking to each other and giggling. Meanwhile, I'm taking off my shoes to tuck some t.p. under the balls of my feet to prevent further blistering (best I could do under the circumstances). The giggling has stopped and I hear whispers I couldn't make out, and then one that I was able to make out: "She's taking off her high heels!" Little spies! Kids are funny. 

 You can see the Cirque du Soleil theater in Downtown Disney from the Saratoga Springs resort.

Chris took all of these photos. Doesn't this one look like a stock photo or a desktop wallpaper? Gorgeous! It really is hard to take a bad photo on any Disney property. 

Nothing on the itinerary today but to relax! I ventured out for iced coffee earlier and we've been lounging in our room. We may venture over to Downtown Disney for a late lunch and a bit of shopping.