Modcloth's Ode to the Boss

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While browsing the new arrivals on Modcloth (which is a sick habit of mine since I always end up wanting all the things. Seriously, 1 out of 5 items usually ends up on my wishlist.) I came across this tee and did a double-take, because I already own that shirt. Well, technically I don't own it... it's on "long-term borrow." From my dad. Who bought it in the 80s. At a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Modcloth's Born in the USA tour concert tee, or Ode to the Boss Tee as they so cleverly named it, is a perfect replica of the original. I for one can vouch that after over three decades of spin cycles in the washing machine my dad's tee is exactly as "distressed" as Modcloth's pretends to be. Mine even has a few little holes just like Modcloth's version! I actually wore it to our family Fourth of July picnic this past Summer!

Born in the USA.PNG

That's me with my dad, the original shirt owner, in the top left there. My sister Lizzie is the cute little one in the striped daisy shirt and my sister Julie is the gorgeous gal in the white tee. (I guess I missed the bare midriff memo?)

Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: BC FootwearBelt: Francesca's

Oh, bonus story about this shirt: When Lizzie was really young, she asked me why my tee shirt had a picture of bacon on it. I was puzzled, until she pointed at the back of the shirt... it was then I realized that she had thought the stripes were supposed to be a strip of bacon.