What my clients are saying...

"Kathy did an absolutely fantastic job creating my blog header on have-clothes-will-travel.com She was wonderful at helping me figure out what I wanted for a design and then creating it. I loved that she incorporated some of my signature clothing pieces into the header! They look awesome! I would highly recommend Kathy for any of your custom graphics needs."  

"It was an absolute joy working with Kathy. She knew what I wanted before I even figured it out for myself. I gave her the most vague idea in the world and she created a logo/header that described my brand (and myself) perfectly, right from the draft copy. I've been fielding compliments left and right and find myself staring dreamily at my own blog homepage multiple times a day. I'm borderline considering starting a new blog, just so I can work with her again on another set of graphics. All hail Queen Kathy!!"


"I couldn’t have told you what I wanted my blog to look like before all this...Kathy took all the images and ideas I was throwing around and found a way of creating something I couldn’t even articulate...Basically Kathy saved me from my own lack of imagination...Everything from the illustrated graphic elements to the fonts lets me put my own personality into my blog in a way that feels natural and true to myself, and I love that."


"Kathy was very receptive to what I wanted, and executed it perfectly. She was very timely, very precise and knew what to add in, even when I didn't. I'll be forever grateful for her services." - BROOKE ELISE

"Kathy's designs are beautiful and intricate and she is accommodating to your every need. My blog now has a digital illustration (portrait) in the sidebar and a header that suits the page down to the ground. The shapes, colours, textures ... it was as if she read my mind! My blog now looks professional and personal and I was amazed with how quickly she created a design that was just perfect for me. I'd thoroughly recommend Kathy's designs to anyone looking for digital artwork. She is very talented and a pleasure to work with." - JENNA of PRINCESS PARASOX

"I fell in love with the Lace and Whimsy designs as soon as I saw the Etsy page, but I still never imagined I'd love the finished product as much as I do. Right from the start, Kathy really understood the style I wanted, and even dedicated time to reading my posts to get a feel for it. And she worked so quickly! Just a few days after first finding her page, I had a brand new beautiful blog header β€” and I love it!"  - EMMA of THE EGGPLANT EMOJI

See my post for a peek behind the scenes of the process in designing Emma's header HERE.


"I had a bad case of the blogging blues before Kathy came along. I had fallen out of love with my little space on the Internet and unable to nail a direction to go in. Something had to change. With a re-brand in the works, Kathy was tasked with pimping out my sidebar and what a job she did! She carefully observed the overall vibe of my site and created a set of custom graphics which match my brand perfectly. Kathy is an absolute pleasure to work with and I trust her completely. She is conscientious, patient and very creative! I would recommend her to anyone."


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