Hello! Kathy here. I'm looking for Influencers & Brand Reps for 2017.


Are you into planners or bullet journals? Or do you just really like stickers? I would love to send you some stickers from my current collection so that you can show your audience how you use them.

Currently Accepting:

+ Blog post reviewing stickers & showing them in use in your planner or journal.  

+ Instagram features: Ideally at least 3 posts (spread out over a couple weeks is fine!) showing off the stickers and how you use them. 

+ YouTube videos (unboxing, Plan With Me, etc.)

Blog Headers

If you're a blogger looking for a new header and have a large following, I would love to work with you! We'll create the custom illustrated header of your dreams. 


+ Host a sidebar ad for Lace & Whimsy for period of 6 months. 
+ Header credit link in footer for as long as you use the header. 
+ Blog post reviewing + promoting my design services. 
+ Shoutout post announcing your new header on Instagram & Twitter. 

Please complete the form below. If I'm interested in working with you, you'll hear from me within a week or so and we'll work out the details. (Please only complete the relevant fields. For example, if you have a YouTube channel but are not interested in featuring Lace & Whimsy on there, just skip that section.) 

Apply to be a Lace & Whimsy Influencer:

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