Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Handling

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

For orders containing just stickers or mini prints, I can send you your order in an envelope with stamps. This is the cheapest way for me to get your stickers out to you. (The less you have to spend on shipping costs, the more money you have to spend on stickers! Woo!) The downside to this option is I can not guarantee your stickers by a certain date and you won't be able to track the shipment. 
Domestic (USA): $1.00 / International $2.00

If you would like your sticker order to have a tracking number (and likely get to you much faster), please select the shipping option "USPS with Tracking."  It's more expensive, but if you're into tracking numbers it's totally worth it. 

I need a rush order. Can you help me? 

If you need express shipping for a last minute gift or something like that, send me a message (and maybe nag me on Twitter or Instagram to make sure I see it right away).

When will I get my order?

Orders are sent out within 5 business days of your order being placed. You will get an email notification once I have your order ready to go out the door. Orders ship from Delaware so if you are local, you should have your order within a few days. If you live further, well it just depends. 

Why hasn't my order arrived? 

Sorry about that! Unfortunately, I can't control the Postal Service. If it's been over two weeks since you received a confirmation email that your order was sent, get in touch with me and we'll sort it out. 

About Stickers

Who produces the sticker sheets?

Any sticker sheet ordered from this shop was printed in my home and cut by me, Kathy. 

How do you make the stickers? 

The short answer: I print the designs on sticker paper and then use an electronic cutting machine to cut around each image without cutting all the way through the backing. (The long answer: Beg me to make a YouTube video showing the whole process and maybe someday I'll get to it.)

Who designs the sticker sheets? 

When I first founded Lace & Whimsy Studio in 2015, every sticker sheet in the shop featured my digital illustrations. Many of the sheets still do (all sheets with the crescent moon portrait of me in the bottom right corner feature illustrations by me and me only), however I've expanded my brand to include the work of other creatives. I have a few artists that I collaborate with to turn their art into sticker sheets. Some of my sticker sheets also use vintage public domain images or clip art I have commercial licenses to use. I strive for transparency in where the images for Lace & Whimsy Sticker sheets come from so if anything is unclear, just ask! 

How big are the sticker sheets? 

Standard size sheets measure about 5 3/4 inches x 4 1/4 inches.

Why are your stickers so expensive?

They actually aren't if you break down just how much work goes on behind the scenes. Small scale retailers like myself struggle with matching our prices to the corporate chain stores. Thank you for supporting independent artists.

Do you accept returns?

Nope. All sales are final, unless you made special arrangements with me prior to ordering. 

DO you have gift options? 

Definitely! If you'd like to include a note to the recipient or have your purchase packaged specially, contact me and we'll sort out all the details. 

Can I buy a gift certificate to Lace & Whimsy? 

Absolutely! Contact me and I'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Other Questions? 

Send me an email. I treasure my customers and would be delighted to help you.