Come #sprinklewhimsy with me on Instagram! ✨

I've started a hashtag and I'd love if you'd all join me! It's called #sprinklewhimsy, and I'm pretty excited about it. If you know me at all, be it online or IRL, you've likely noticed that sprinkling whimsical touches is kinda my thing. I'm the girl at the bar with a milkshake novelty purse and sparkly tights. I'm the only one at work with string lights above their desk. If I'm going to buy a notebook, it's going to be a cute notebook. And you better believe the margins of every page will be covered in stickers and doodles. I love taking the time to make things pretty and add unexpected details, in every aspect of my life. A big part of why I joined Instagram and built the Lace & Whimsy brand was to share this with you and connect with others so we can inspire each other.  

I've met so many wonderful creative, stylish, talented babes through social media. So let's expand the community!
I invite you to use the #sprinklewhimsy hashtag and spread the word so we can all spread a little sparkle. 

WHO is this hashtag for? 

Anyone and everyone! (Unless you don't like things to be cute and whimsical and magical.) This tag is perfect for bloggers, creatives, and anyone who likes sharing playful details on Instagram. 

WHAT images are appropriate for the #sprinklewhimsy tag? 

Show me a closeup of your favorite brooch. Your adorable planner spread. The cute gallery wall in your living room. A flower crown you're wearing today just for fun. The list goes on! If it's a cute little detail that brightened your day, share it so it can brighten ours. 

WHERE should I use this hashtag?

Instagram. (And it would be so lovely of you to use it in your caption rather than lumped in with a bunch of hashtags. That way others may click and be inspired by the rest of the #sprinklewhimsy images and the community can grow!)  

WHEN should I use it? 

Whenever you are sharing an image on Instagram that fits the whimsical vibe, throw that hashtag on there! I'll be regramming my favorites. 

WHY am I doing this again? 

To build a network of whimsical babes who share our love for cute things and unexpected whimsical touches. Let's inspire each other! So now I challenge you to show us how you add a little sprinkle of whimsy to the mundane. 

How do you make your everyday life sparkle?