Design Client: The Eggplant Emoji

I was so excited to have Emma of The Eggplant Emoji commission a header design. I thought I'd give you all a little peek into how my custom design process works. After chatting with Emma a bit to hear her ideas for what she wanted her header to look like, I decided the first order of business would be narrowing down what type of fonts she was drawn to. I selected ten fonts I thought would best suit her vibe then sent her this image as a quick Twitter DM so she could point me in the right direction. 


She liked options 3 & 4. So I got to work incorporating the eggplant emoji and a stack of books into a design, along with her blog's tagline: "This is what a feminist bookshelf looks like." 

I drafted a few possibilities for directions we could go with the header. I find it to be helpful to put notes to the client directly on the image preview, rather than explaining in an email. This way everything is all in one place. 

At this point, I asked Emma to give me feedback on the designs, telling me what stood out that she liked (or didn't like!). Emma immediately responded that she loved them all and would have a good stare at them and get back to me. 

Emma followed up very quickly (she has been a dream to work with!!) and let me know that she had decided design #2 was her favorite. She suggested I match the eggplant to the style of the stack of books instead of using the actual emoji. Since she loved the script font I has used in design #1, she wanted to see what the design would look like if only the "the" were in that font. The only other change she requested at this phase was to capitalize the first word of the tagline. Excited to see how these changes would look, I got right to work on the final design. 

I sent Emma a proof for a final round of changes. I also showed her what the header would look like with the logo to the right of the text. Emma said she preferred the logo to the left and requested a teeny tiny change in spacing between "The" + "Eggplant."


I absolutely love how her header turned out! And I'm happy to report, so does she... 

Having a happy design client is such a rewarding feeling. Click here to visit Emma's blog "The Eggplant Emoji" and see the header in action. Be sure to check out her posts! She's a great writer and has some really unique articles. 

Looking for a custom header or a digital portrait? 

I fell in love with the Lace and Whimsy designs as soon as I saw the Etsy page, but I still never imagined I’d love the finished product as much as I do. Right from the start, Kathy really understood the style I wanted, and even dedicated time to reading my posts to get a feel for it. And she worked so quickly! Just a few days after first finding her page, I had a brand new beautiful blog header — and I love it!
— Emma, The Eggplant Emoji